The Charles D. Berry Foundation requires applicants to submit their grant application online and create an account in our grant portal to complete the process. Before you start the process, carefully review the eligibility, focus areas, types of accepted requests and grantmaking process.

Focus Areas

The Charles D. Berry Foundation is committed to supporting programs in the following Focus Areas, primarily in the Greater Dayton Region:
  • Arts (Performing, Visual, Educational Programming)
  • Community Enrichment (Public Radio, Public Television, Museums, Parks & Recreation)
  • Education (Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Secondary, Post-Secondary, and Community Initiatives)
  • Health & Human Services (Individuals with Disabilities, Food Insecurity, Diseases, Improved Health Outcomes, Disaster Relief, Services for Underserved Populations, Poverty Reduction, Animal Welfare)
If you are unsure whether your project fits our Focus Areas, please contact the Foundation.

Types of requests

The Foundation will accept requests for the following areas:
  • Program or Project
  • Operating Support
  • Capital Campaign

Multi-year grants will be considered only for capital requests.

Organizations can submit one grant application in a 12 month period. A Final Report must be submitted for an active grant within one month following the completion of the program/project before you can submit a new application.

Requests are not considered for:

Organizations without 501(c)3 public charity status from the IRS or classified as private foundations

Organizations that discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, age, veteran status or any federal, state or local laws

Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns

Churches and Religious Organizations

Sports Organizations


Mass Funding Appeals


Grants or Loans to Individuals

Organizations Outside of the United States

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Submission Deadlines

  • The Board of Trustees will meet four times per year to review grant applications.

    The Submission Deadlines are:

    February 7, 2022

    May 2, 2022

    August 1, 2022

    October 10, 2022

    The process for receiving funding if your grant is approved is approximately two months after the submission deadline and is contingent on signing a grant agreement.

Grantmaking Process Flow Chart


Apply for Funding

Your Final Report for the grant funding received in 2021 must be submitted to the Foundation before you can submit a new grant application in 2022. Visit the link below to log into your grant portal to complete the Final Report.

Review the Grantmaking Process Flow Chart above to determine where you begin. If you have any questions about where to start, please contact Annie Nelson at annie.nelson@cdberryfoundation.org.

For new organizations, those not funded in the past two years, and/or previously supported organizations that are requesting funding for a new program, please submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) as the first step in the process. The Foundation will review your LOI within three weeks and will invite you to submit a full grant application if your project meets our focus areas.

Click Here to Start a Letter of Interest
*To complete an “in progress” Letter of Interest, please see below for instructions to return to the grant portal to avoid creating a duplicate application.

Before applying to the Foundation for the first time, we encourage you to reach out to introduce yourself. Please contact Vivian O’Connell at vivian.oconnell@cdberryfoundation.org.

For previously supported organizations (within the past two years), requesting funding for the same project, complete the grant application below for requests of $50,000 or less.  If your request is over $50,000, please contact Vivian O’Connell at vivian.oconnell@cdberryfoundation.org to set an appointment to discuss your project. If approved, the link to the grant application will be emailed to you.

Click Here to Start a New Grant Application for $50,000 or Less

If you need to return to the grant portal to complete an “in progress” Letter of Interest or Grant Application, review the status of a previously submitted application, or view and submit your grant requirements, you can access your portal one of these ways:

1) Click the “Resume Application” at the bottom of this page in the footer
2) Use the link in the email you received confirming your saved application
3) Click the link below:

Click Here to Return to a Saved Grant Application or Submit a Final Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Foundation fund multi-year grants?
The Foundation does not fund multi-year grants as a rule, but consideration is given to capital requests.

How often can I apply for a grant to the Charles D. Berry Foundation?
Organizations can submit one grant application in a 12 month period. A Final Report must be submitted for an active grant within one month following the completion of the program/project before you can submit a new application.

If I start an online application, can I return to it later?
You may start your online application, save it, and return to it later. Be sure to use the “save and finish later” button. If you are applying for the first time, you will be asked to create an account using your e-mail address and a password. You must create an account in order to save your application.

Can I make changes to my online application after it has been submitted?
No. Once you have submitted an application, you can view it by logging back into your account, but you cannot make any changes to it.

Who can I contact with questions about the grantmaking process?
Contact Vivian O’Connell at vivian.oconnell@cdberryfoundation.org or 937-993-0404.

Who can I contact for technical difficulties in the portal?
Contact Annie Nelson at annie.nelson@cdberryfoundation.org or 937-949-4437.