Charles D. Berry is a native of the Miami Valley and is an active member the community. He established the Charles D. Berry Foundation because of his passion for his hometown and desire to foster positive change in our community. He supports nonprofit organizations whose missions are focused on performing and visual arts, community enrichment, providing access to education, serving the needs of underserved populations, and improving health outcomes.

Our Core Beliefs

  • belief-art

    Charles D. Berry is an “arts enthusiast” who wholeheartedly supports opportunities for everyone in our community to experience the arts in its many forms, including orchestra, ballet, opera, theater, art museums and art education. The Foundation supports arts organizations in the Greater Dayton Region and believes performing and visual art experiences foster creativity, fuel the love of learning, critical thinking and sustains our daily lives.

  • belief-leisure

    Charles D. Berry leads an active lifestyle that includes cycling, visiting local parks and historical attractions. He is especially passionate about promoting the power of communication through public radio, public television, and amateur ham radio and supports a variety of recreational activities in our community that make Dayton a better place to live, work and play.

  • belief-education

    Charles D. Berry believes access to quality education is a vital component to ensuring individuals of all abilities and those with social or economic disadvantages can develop the foundation of solid academic skills needed to be successful in school and life. The Foundation supports early childhood education programs, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary educational programs.

  • belief-healthcare

    Supporting programs that improve the quality of life and independence of individuals with disabilities and supporting their families has always been a passion for Charles D. Berry and a high priority for his Foundation. His commitment also extends to helping health and human service organizations that address the needs of underserved populations and strives to eliminate homelessness, food insecurity, aiding disaster relief and improved health outcomes.

"Through our support of health and human services, education, community enrichment and the arts, we will make the Dayton community a better place to live." The Charles D. Berry Foundation Mission Statement